Frequently Asked Questions

About Awedi

What is the AWEDI Network?

Awedi network was established to provide opportunities for women to meet other professional women in the energy industry and get the support they need to successfully navigate their careers and businesses in the sector. Our aim is to help women in the energy industry to find mentors/ mentees and women they believe in whose career they can accelerate and support, learn about opportunities and increase their visibility within the sector.

How is Awedi funded?

Awedi is funded through donation made by donors.

Who founded Awedi?

Awedi was found by Ujunwa Ojemeni and Afoma Ofodile. Click here to read their profileĀ 

Does Awedi provide financial assistant to members?

No. Awedi does not provide financial assistance to members.


How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

Sign up to be a volunteer by filling out our form on our get invloved page.


Who can apply for membership?

Women who are in or who wish to join the energy sector.

How can one apply to be a member?

One can become a member of Awedi by filling and submitting our membership form on our sign up page. See link here

What would members benefit?

Members would get networking opportunity with professionals in the energy sector, mentorship, career sponsorship (acceleration) capacity building, leadership training skills and so much more.


How do I sign up to be a donor?

Sign up as a donor by filling out our form on our Donate page

What are the categories for donation?

Donations can be made monthly, quarterly, annually. Check our Donate page