The Global And African Energy Journey(A Virtual Site Experience With Andy Calitz)

The African Women in Energy Development Initiative (AWEDI Network) presents “The Global and African Energy Journey” (Featuring A Virtual Site Visit Experience).

Using Google Earth, the session will provide a journey across Africa that shows:

1. How Africa exports energy and minerals

2. How the growth of 14 African megacities and rural areas and farms requires energy;

3. How African refineries use imported and local crude to fuel 50-million vehicles; and

4. How oil, gas, coal, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy power the continent.

This session is best viewed using a broadband/WiFi connection on a computer with a large screen.

Andy Calitz of FutureEnergy is a past senior executive at Royal Dutch Shell, CEO LNG Canada and South African national electricity utility, Eskom, and has been involved in shaping the global energy industry from London, The Hague, Lima, Moscow, Beijing, Sakhalin, Tokyo, Perth, Johannesburg and Vancouver.

Saturday 29th August, 2020


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