The key roles to be filled amongst others includes:

  1. Communications specialist: should be able to communicate clearly with members and be able to combine pieces of information and draw conclusions. Bring new ideas/materials about a new topic, study and working with them. Should be able to solve problems by bringing others together to discuss differences.
  2. Content Development: Create and distribute marketing copy to advertise our company and products. Should be able to edit and correct information before publication. To promote and update content on all social media flat form.
  3. Accounting and Finance: Prepare accounting related entries, to provide financial analyses and explanations of all transactions and prepare documentation for external auditors.
  4. Fundraising: would be required to acquire Sponsors for Events, Composing Pitch Letters, Conduct Research to Identify Prospective donors, Facilitate meeting Discussion, Promote Events, and think Up themes for fundraising events.
  5. Event planning: would manage the strategic plan for meeting/event, Develop the sustainability plan for meetings or events, Manage human resources at events, engage speakers and performers for events.
  6. Research and planning: Build solid and strategic relationships with leaders of the initiative and members, convert research findings into written reports, maintain and improve reports to answer business questions, prepare and present results to management and members, present and convert research into concise and actionable recommendations.

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